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Skull and Face Muscles – Anatomical illustration


Mimic muscles – Anatomical illustration
Medical artwork displaying all Facial muscles on a male face in side view. A clear and thorough depiction of these muscles may help educate patients before Cosmetic procedures like Botox injections. This anatomical artwork is suitable for print and online presentations for public education.



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Computer generated medical illustration depicting Facial muscles (Mimic muscles) of the male in side view.
The image is suitable for educating patients before Botox treatments. Injection sites on several muscles, like the Masseter, Frontalis or Risorius can be clearly explained on this chart.
Low res for the Web and iPad use: 1200x1401px, 72 DPI, 475Kb: $AUS400
High Res for prints: 22×25.703cm, 300DPI, 23.8Mb: $AUS750
(plus GST in Australia)


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