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Robotic Coronary Artery Bypass


Robotically Assisted Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery – Procedure illustration
Medical artwork detailing the technique in Robotic CABG. Compared to traditional “open” heart surgery, minimally invasive Robotic-assisted bypass technique offers easier and quicker recovery for patients. This medical illustration sequence is an ideal tool in educating prospective patients about the Robotic technique.


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Robotic coronary artery bypass heart surgery – Medical illustration
1: Four port entries in this Robotic-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery.
2: Surgeon working at the console of the da Vinci System.
3-5: The Internal mammary artery is dissected and anastomosed to the blocked Left anterior descending artery.
The illustration displays the technique where the patient is not on heart-lung bypass machine, and the anastomosis is performed with a Coronary stabilizer.
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