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Foot and ankle anatomy


Foot and ankle anatomy – Anatomical illustration 
Medical illustration depicting Feet and ankles in normal standing posture with a special emphasis on the internal anatomy of the foot and ankle. Illustration is suitable for print or online publication for health campaigns, educational posters, books or for patient healthcare brochures.





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Foot and ankle anatomy – Feet in high heels  This medical illustration emphasizes the Skeletal and Nervous anatomy of the feet and relationship of all these internal structures. Wearing high heels puts extra demands on the weight bearing nature of the feet, as centre of balance moves forward towards the metatarsal bones. The intricate relationship between the bones and the tendons are unique in Foot anatomy. Special emphasis is given in this illustration to the Retinaculum, Abductor hallucis muscle, Extensor digitorum longus tendons and the Achilles tendon.
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