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Transaxillary robotic thyroid surgery


Surgical Illustration

Surgical illustration depicting the da Vinci® robotic surgery system for removal of the thyroid gland with special emphasis given to the Transaxillary approach, and the dissection of vital structures like the recurrent laryngeal nerve and the paratyhyroid glands. This illustration helps patients to understand how the surgeon reaches the neck via the armpit.


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Transaxillary Robotic Thyroid Surgery – Surgical Art

This work of surgical art illustrates surgeons using robotic arms to remove the thyroid gland through an incision in the axilla (armpit) thus avoiding a large scar on the neck caused by traditional thyroid surgery. This “scar-less” procedure is performed with the da Vinci® robotic device – a surgical tool that facilitates complex surgical procedures.

This illustration helps patients understand how robotic surgery will work through the armpit to reach the neck, and access difficult-to-reach locations around the thyroid gland. The smaller inset image shows how the recurrent laryngeal nerve and the parathyroid glands are preserved.

The pioneering da Vinci® System allows the surgeon to operate three robotic arms simultaneously, while using a fourth arm to hold tissue in place. The robotic arms also enable the surgeon to cut, hold and cauterize tissue.

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