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Female Urogenital Anatomy and Pelvic Floor


Anatomic Illustration of Pelvic organs

Anatomic illustration depicting Female Genital organs in sagittal section. Special emphasis given to the Pelvic floor and its relationship with the Urethra, Vagina and Rectum. This illustration helps doctors explain the patients Pelvic anatomy, and all pathologies related with deficiency of the Pelvic floor.

Medical illustration depicting Female Urogenital Anatomy with special emphasis given to the Pelvic Floor.
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Female Urogenital Anatomy and Pelvic Floor – Anatomic Art

This work of Anatomical art illustrates organs of the Female pelvis, and their relationship with the Pelvic floor that supports them.

This illustration of the Female Urogenital Anatomy helps patients understand pathologies related to malfunctioning pelvic floor, like Prolapse of the Uterus, Cystocele, Urethrocele and Rectocele. Issues related to Incontinence and Prolapse are very common, and empowering the patients with visual understanding of Pelvic anatomy is an integral part of the treatment.

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